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Our love for linen …. It is so simple and so exclusive at the same time. And there is also something nostalgic over the linen, something that draws mind back to the time when life was more simple and when there was time to make home-baked bread or embroider a linen bedding …. Therefore a large part of our products is linen for home. Linen tablecloths that become more beautiful with the years,  soft linen towels or bed linen.

We at Unik og Naturlig would like to contribute a little bit to discover how beautiful and unique are natural materials. These small beach stones that are so common and that we have walked on so many times. How beautiful and unique bracelets they can be transformed to …. We at Unik og Naturlig are in constant search for natural and unique products. Products that take time to produce and products that we will love for many years. Things that reflect quality and old craftsmanship and never go out of fashion.

SLOW LIVING, natural materials and passion for handcraft are our key words.

We hope that with our products we will bring a small portion of nature and SLOW LIVING peace to your home.

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