Our love for linen…. Linen is so simple and so exclusive at the same time, it has so many fantastic natural properties that it is a nature itself. And there is also something nostalgic about linen, something that takes our mind back to the time when life was slower, and there was time to make homemade sourdough bread, or to embroider a linen bedding…. Therefore, the main part of our assortment are linen textiles for the home. Linen tablecloths that become more beautiful after each wash, the softest linen towels, damask woven tea towels or linen bedding.

We want you to discover how beautiful and unique are natural materials – for example, beach stones. The small stones that are so common and that we have stepped on so many times. They can be transformed into beautiful, unique, and elegant handmade jewelry. …. We at Unik og Naturlig are looking for pure, natural, and unique products. Products that take time to make, products that we will love for many years; products that reflect high quality and old craftsmanship and never go out of fashion.

SLOW LIVING, natural materials and passion for craftsmanship are our keywords.

Vi håber, at vi, med vores produkter, vil bringe en lille del af naturen og SLOW LIVING ro til jeres hjem.